A.J. Sparks is a 17-year-old Demigod son of Zeus. His roleplayer is Abbyabbymc.


Andrew Jonathan Sparks was born on December 5 to Ella Sparks and Zeus, the god of the sky. He was 3 minutes older than Bailey and 6 minutes older than Chris. He was always told that Chris had soaked up all of the brains because A.J. is very dense and stupid. He is also very naïve and doesn't think before he acts. He was very upset when Zeus left when the triplets were 4. Ella was very sad because she couldn't take care of 3 children, so she remarried to a rich man named Steven Brooks. Steven was very kind to the triplets and each helped them out. Steven trained A.J. to be excellent with fencing and wrestling. A.J. was always very strong and a ladies' man. A.J. loved baking and cooking, but he never told anybody because they would think that he wasn't as tough. A.J. cares for his siblings but can sometimes be very rough on Chris. He likes to play pranks on him, but Bailey describes it as a "brother thing." A.J. loves both of his siblings a lot but can sometimes not show it. A.J. can be very stupid, as he sometimes doesn't realize the obvious. He can also be a jerk. A.J. found out that he can control thunderstorms, and when his powers are combined with Chris' and Bailey's, they are the most powerful children of Zeus.

Early LifeEdit

A.J. loved his stepdad, Steven, very much. Steven was always very kind to him and his siblings. A.J. wasn't the smartest, but he was the strongest. He was said to have "super strength," as there wasn't a thing he couldn't lift. He also took fencing lessons and went to the gym daily. One day while he was in the gym lifting weights, a group of Cyclopes attacked the school. A.J., Bailey, and Chris all hid in the same place, where Lilly Bushes, their protector, found them and rescued them. She explained everything to them. When they got to Camp, A.J. improved his fencing skills and started being nicer to Chris. A.J. is now always practicing in the Arena with his sword.


A.J. has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is very muscular and strong. He always works out and likes to get the ladies' attention, as he attracts girls all the time. He is very handsome.



  • None yet!


  • A.J. can control thunder and thunderstorms.
  • A.J. uses a sword, Thunder Cloud, ('βροντή 'σύννεφο) as his weapon.
  • A.J. has super strength.
  • A.J. is an extremely good fighter.


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