Addison Hollins
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General Information
Full Name Addison Holland Hollins
DOB January 2, 1997
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Hollywood, California
Godly Parent Juventas
Mortal Parent Ron Hollins
Weapon(s) Spear
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names Addie
Years at Camp 11
Fatal Flaw Loyalty

Roleplayer Miramc22

Addison Hollins is a 17-year-old Daughter of Juventas. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Addison "Addie" Holland Hollins was born on January 2 to Juventasthe Roman goddess of youth, and Ron Hollins, a wealthy businessman. They met one day at Ron's company meeting and they fell in love. They soon had Addison, whom they nicknamed "Addie." She had beautiful blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She was very beautiful and she had a perfect and peaceful appearance, and she was beautiful on the inside and out. She was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia as soon as she was born, and she had always been spacey and the exact definition of what people call a "dumb blonde." She was always very popular because of her beauty and youthful appearance. When she was six, her father dropped her off at Camp Jupiter because he couldn't care for her. She didn't understand because she was so young, but she was accepted into the First Legion. She was claimed by Juventas. She later became best friends with Skylar Moon, a Daughter of Venus. She plays the role of her sidekick. She is always there to back her up and she isn't offended when she says something to hurt her because she usually doesn't get it.

Addie's fatal flaw is her loyalty. She is very loyal to all of her friends, and she is always there for them. She trusts others easily, and she will do anything for her friends, and she cares about everyone that she has met. Even though she may seem dumb, she can sometimes surprise her friends with her loyalty, huge heart, and good advice.

Early LifeEdit

Addison was dropped off at Camp Jupiter when she was six years old. She has always been exactly what people called a "dumb blonde" stereotype because she can be very spacey, vague, and naïve. She is a sweet person and she will believe anything anybody tells her. She will do anything for her best friend Skylar Moon. She doesn't know or understand that she is doing anything wrong. She is very sweet and caring to others at all times and many people don't think of her as a mean girl unless she is hanging out with Skylar. Addie can say very stupid things and she sometimes is fascinated by the obvious. She doesn't care if people make fun of her as she is an optimist and she takes all things in sweetly. She believes that everything is a compliment. She would never think of being a traitor to her best friend or turn her back on her.


Addison has blonde hair and blue eyes. She always has a huge smile on her face, showing her perfect teeth. She is very beautiful and she has a very youthful appearance.




  • Addie capable of living until 150.
  • Addie has a very youthful appearance.
  • Addie is very pretty.
  • Addie is an optimist.
  • Addie can regenerate very quickly.
  • Addie can heal her injuries very quickly.
  • Addie is very hard to wound.
  • Addie has a beautiful singing voice.
  • Addie is an amazing dancer and gymnast.
  • Addie is incredibly flexible.


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