Alexis La Veda is a 17-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is Trixie19.
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Alexis was born on April 9th to John La Veda and an unknown Goddess. John La Veda never remarried, but he adoupted Janny Lee age 5, when Alexis was 8. Alexis loved her little sister so much. but on day she had to leave because on of Luke's monsters atacked her after she said she would not join their side. She thankfully esaped by climbing up a tree and hiding in a hollow part. Luke knew where she lived so she could no longer live her beloved family. Lucky for her, her father told her if she ever had any problems to open the letter he wrote her. When Alexis opened the letter it read:     Dear Alexis,

                                                                I am very sorry to inform you you must not live with us anymore. You

                                                                   must some how go to Long Island NY. Camp Half-Blood is there.

                                                                     They will train you to fight Greek monsters. You are a Demigod.

                                                                                         This means your mother is a goddess.

                                                         I will not tell you who that goddess is you will get to find this out on your oun.

                                                                      With the greatest of love,


Early LifeEdit

As said above at age 8 Alexis's dad John La Veda adopted a little girl (Janny) to live with them. One day Luke came to their house and asked her if she would join their side. Alexis said no so the monsters atacked her. She escaed, thankfully with her life. She made her way from Florida to Camp Half-Blood with the help of a friend on the way. That friend was Riki Castlemen.

The two of them met in Georgia, in an alley. They became BFFs. They told each other their deapest secret they're demigods.


Alexis has blond hair, which she dyes in multiple different colors. She has blue eyes and pink lips.



Not yet!


  • She has a shield that turns into a leather strap bracelet (see in outfit picture).
  • Has a sword for battle, but rather just use her hands.


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