Alison Simmons
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General Information
Full Name Alison Christina Simmons
DOB July 27, 1999
Age 15
Biographical Information
Birthplace Chico, California
Godly Parent Athena
Mortal Parent Richard Simmons
Weapon(s) Dagger
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Grayson Ryder
Other Names Ally
Years at Camp 1
Fatal Flaw N/A

Roleplayer Demigodwithattitude

Alison Simmons is a 16-year-old daughter of Athena. Her roleplayer is Demigodwithattitude.


Allison, also called Ally, went through her childhood being brought up by her dad and mostly alone. She lived in a small town that you could forget about as soon as you pass through it. She only had her best friend Will who had suddenly turned into a goat, well half goat, on her 15th birthday. Strangely, her dad knew she had to go to this camp that Will kept rambling on about. Will took her across the country to camp half blood with only a couple monster attacks, one of which gave her a scar on her right forearm. She arrived at Camp safely and was immediately put in the Hermes Cabin. After two weeks, she was claimed by Athena, and given a dagger as a present from her mom. She liked being in the Athena Cabin and she especially liked her new sister Annabeth and her boyfriend Percy, but still didn't have many friends. She spent lots of time in the arts and crafts Cabin, reading and tinkering with things to try to make them better. She likes books and often can be found reading one. When Ally was ten, her dad took her on a trip to the ocean to learn how to surf, she quickly learned all the basics and when she went to the beach on their annual summer trip to the coast, she would learn new tricks to do on her board. On her twelfth birthday, her dad got Ally her own surf board.

Early LifeEdit

Ally grew up in a small college town where her father, Richard Simmions, taught at the university and Ally went to the large public school. When Ally was little, she spent much of her time in the care of Mrs. Finnegan, their old neighbor, the Day Care, and at her after school care. After she turned 10 she became a latch key kid, where after school she would come home, have a snack, do her homework, and watch TV until her dad got home to make dinner.


Ally Simmions has long dark brown hair with red highlights, and gray eyes. She is 5' 3" (short) and is very skinny.



  • Ally is extremely intelligent.
  • Ally has a very good memory.
  • Ally is excellent with battle strategy.
  • Ally is very skilled with arts and crafts.
  • Ally makes a great leader.
  • Ally has a dagger given to her by her mother, Athena, upon being claimed.


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