Ana Sterling
General Information
Full Name Ana Autumn Sterling
DOB August 28, 1997
Age 15
Biographical Information
Birthplace London, England
Godly Parent Hypnos
Mortal Parent Bow and Arrow

Sleeping Sand

Physical Information
Other Information
Ana Sterling is a 15-year-old daughter of Hypnos. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Ana Autumn Sterling was born on August 28. She was born as the older sister of Silver Misty Sterling. She was always very overprotective of Silver and would never let her do anything without her permission. She doesn't want her to do anything where she could get hurt. Ana loved Silver very much and when her mother, Amy, died, she tried to support her as much as she could. When they went to live with their Uncle Nan, Ana was visited by Hypnos who gave her special and specific instructions on how to get to Camp Half-Blood. Ana never told Silver, but when Uncle Nan became very drunk, the police dropped then at the nearest orphanage. Once they got to the orphanage, a satyr named Tom escorted them to Camp Half-Blood, where Ana found that everything Hypnos had told her was true. They were both claimed by Hypnos as soon as she arrived there. She was in the Camp Half-Blood forest one day, where she found a bow. She tried it out and she was a natural with it. She also found out that she could make other people sleep whenever she wanted to and she recieved  a bag of magical sand from her father, Hypnos.

Early LifeEdit

Ana had a rocky childhood, with no mother and a little sister. She never wanted anything to happen to her sister, Silver. She loved her very much. Ana would never let anything bad happen to Silver. She despised her Uncle Nan because she didn't trust him at all. She never left Silver alone with Uncle Nan, and they had to leave one day because he was so drunk. They went to an orphanage, where a satyr named Tom rescued them and took them to Camp Half-Blood. Ana loved Camp and she only lets Silver leave the Cabin without her permission.


Ana has brown hair and gray eyes. She has pale skin and many freckles on her face. She is very fit because she spends all day in the archery range.



  • None yet!


  • Ana has a magical bag of sand that can make people fall asleep.
  • Ana can make people fall asleep.
  • Ana uses a bow as her weapon.
  • Ana is very good with the bow and arrow.


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