Annie Brace-Gadway is an 11 year old daughter of Hecate. Her roleplayer is Demigod Izzy.


Annie was born to Hecate and Jon Nolan Brace-Gadway. She grew up in New York in Brooklyn. Her father married a really mean women when she was 7. She ran away several times. Then she met Kathleen Garret and Joey Mc-Lead. They were fending off monsters when a satyr met them. He brought them to camp, safe and soundly.

Early LifeEdit

Annie hasn't had a long life, shes still a kid, but I'll add on as her life progresses


Annie has bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a blowing face. Shes tall and slim, but she she isn't so thin where her bones show


All Nice People


  • Madison Brace-Gadway


  • Shatter(Sword)

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