Artemis is the Olympian goddess of virginity, moonlight, and night. Her roleplayer is Miramc22. Her cabin is Cabin 8. She doesn't have any children because she is an eternal maiden like Hestia. Instead, she recruits teenage girls to join her hunt for eternity. Her twin brother is Apollo.


Relationships With HuntersEdit

These are the relationships Artemis has with her Hunters. Excellent is an A, good is a B, okay is a C, iffy is a D, and horrible is an F.

  • Thalia G.- Excellent
  • Victoria M.- Good
  • Haley G.- Excellent
  • Theodora G.- Excellent
  • Jenna W.- Good
  • Brooke P.- Excellent
  • Kit S.- Excellent

Scheduled VisitsEdit

None yet!

Places To Find HerEdit

  • Artemis' Hunting Grounds
  • Artemis' Moonbeam
  • Artemis' Mansion
  • Throne Room
  • Moon

Hunters' OathEdit

I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt.

–Oath to Artemis

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