"True courage and will to live are seen only in the face of death."

- Ashley Theressa  Evans-Waters.

Ashley Evans or Ash or Tessa as she is usually called is the fifteen year old daughter of Posioden and Grace Emma Evans, born on December 16th 1999.


Ashley was born on May 8 1999 to Grace Evans and what Grace believed to be Ryan Waters, an upcoming surfer, who died in an surfing accident, soon after Ashley Evans-Waters was born. Grace herself died when Ashley was four, due to breast cancer, leaving Ashley with her maternal uncle Hadrian Peter Evans. Ashley grew up believing that Peter and his wife Lavender Emma Evans were her parents until her twelfth birthday where she was given a letter by her "father", telling the truth and representing her father's "last wish" for her to go Camp Half Blood. Since Ashley's family lived in New York, it was easy for young Ashley to go to camp Half-Blood where Posioden, much to the surprise of many claimed her right on entering. However, Ashley fainted right after learning about her true heritage. Now she spends every summer in Camp and how her scent remained secret from monsters for long is still is a mystery.  She loved to read. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. She also has an older brother Jonathan Harry Evans.

Looks Edit

Ashley has deep emerald-grey-blue eyes, with a ring of sea green around them and flowing red hair with natural accents of black giving her a "wicked" look. Most people, especially those who know her mother say that apart from her hair and eyes, she is a carbon copy of her mother. Her eyes tend to change colour and she thinks they represent the sea.






Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power to breathe underwater

Water heals her

Can manipulate water

Can talk to creatures of seas and oceans.


Bows and arrows

A dart gun


Football or bombs

Gallery Edit



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Ashley greene hairstyle 9

Ashley's mother Grace

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