Bailey Sparks
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General Information
Full Name Bailey Ellie Sparks
DOB December 5, 1996
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Oakland, California
Godly Parent Zeus
Mortal Parent Ella Sparks
Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names Bailey Bunny
Years at Camp 5
Fatal Flaw Loyalty

Roleplayer Miramc22

Bailey Sparks is a 17-year-old Daughter of Zeus. Her roleplayer is Miamc22.


Bailey Ellie Sparks was born on December 5 to Ella Sparks and Zeus, the god of the sky. Bailey was the middle child and only girl of the triplets A.J. Sparks and Chris Sparks. Bailey was always a good student. Bailey was always very sporty when she was growing up. She found out that she could run at amazing speeds. She loved playing sports and taking dance lessons. She was extremely flexible wen she was growing up. When Zeus left, Ella was remarried to a man named Steven Sparks. Steven loved the triplets very much. Bailey took Steven's place as his little princess. Bailey loved Steven very much, and so did her brothers. Bailey was always spoiled by Steven and liked being his little princess. Bailey was practicing for a cheerleading competition when her school was attacked by Cyclopes. A.J., Bailey, and Chris all hid at the same time. A tree nymph named Lilly Bushes came to their rescue and explained everything to them. When Bailey arrived at Camp Half-Blood, she found out that she could imitate other people's voices. She loves her ability and uses it frequently.

Bailey's fatal flaw is her loyalty. As a sociable person, she makes many friends, and she cherishes them all, and values every one of her acquaintances. She loves helping others, and she will do whatever she can to help someone in need, or when something is wrong.

Early LifeEdit

Bailey loved Camp Half-Bood as soon as she got there. She and her brothers were claimed by Zeus as soon as they arrived. They also discovered that Zeus' powers were split between them: Bailey could control wind, A.J. could control thunder, and Chris could control lightning. Bailey found out that she could fly. Jump to 14 feet, and run supernaturally fast. She also found out that she could imitate other people's voices perfectly. She sometimes uses this power as a prank, as she can be very tricky. Bailey is a social butterfly, as she loves making friends. She uses a bow as her main weapon and is very good with it, as she almost never misses. Bailey's nickname is Bailey Bunny, because her favorite animal is a bunny.


Bailey has pretty brown hair and brown eyes. She has two brothers named A.J. and Chris. Bailey loves sports and she is very sporty. Her hair sometimes turns lighter in the summer months. Bailey is very pretty and skinny.




  • Bailey can fly.
  • Bailey can control the wind, create windstorms, and create tornadoes.
  • Bailey can run supernaturally fast.
  • Bailey can imitate other people's voices perfectly.
  • Bailey has triplet ESP with her brothers.
  • Bailey uses a bow as her weapon.


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