Bea Red is a sixteen year old daughter of Aphrodite.Edit


Biography Edit

Bea was born to Aphrodite and Kai Red, an upcoming fashion designer, on 30th Jnurary 1999. Kai met Aphrodite on a movie set and they fell in love but she left as soon as Bea was born, only telling him that one day he would have to send Bea to a camp for special kids in New York.

Growing Bea, always had a lot of "friends" due to her father's popularity but she always felt extremely lonely because she knew they were friends with her fame and not her. At the age of twelve, irritated by the paparazzi, he father decided to home school her himself and she traveled a lot with him from one movie set to another. On her sixteenth birthday, her father gave her a letter written by Aphrodite, which told Bea that she was a demigod and had to go to Camp Half blood. Not wanting to endanger her father, she immediately told him to bring her to camp.

Early Life Edit

Bea always had loads of followers growing up and thus was never really alone. Her father treated her like a princess and she had an amazing childhood which did not change even after her bring diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

Friends Edit


Enemies Edit


Powers or Abilities Edit

Bea can charm speak

She uses a small knife as her main weapon.

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