Belle Winters
General Information
Full Name Bella Gwen Winters
DOB May 4th, 2005
Age 8
Biographical Information
Birthplace Pocatelo, Idaho
Godly Parent Ares
Mortal Parent Deirdre Winters
Weapon(s) Too Young to Be Trusted with a weapon
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Gender Female
Height 4'6
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names Jelly Belly(By Alexander), Bah(By Sivan)
Years at Camp 4 3/4
Fatal Flaw N/A

Roleplayer Ani/Avia


Belle Winters is an 9 year old daughter of Ares. Her roleplayer is ForeverTomlinson.


Bella Gwen Winters was born on May 4th, 2005 in Pocatelo, Idaho to Deirdre and Ares. She came her when she was 5 on her 5th brithday, her brother came too, he was 6 at the time. and her little sister was 2 when she came. Her little brothers are 3 and newborn ages right now but Belle expects her 3 year old brother to be here soon, but not so much her newborn brother.

Early LifeEdit

Belle loved her life as a kid, especially since she got to come here. She thought it was the best thing in the world to get to come to a camp.


Belle has brown hair and brown eyes that look kinda like a chocolate bar with golden flecks. She is pretty tall for only 8. She thinks she's really pretty and so does a boy named Sezar.


  • None yet!


  • None yet!


  • Belle is extremely good at reading
  • Belle writes stories
  • Belle is able to fight well
  • Belle has a short temper
  • Belle can get mad easily


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