• Shazamwillofgods


    March 19, 2018 by Shazamwillofgods
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  • Squall97

    Yo (Summer again)

    July 1, 2016 by Squall97

    Wanted to say to anyone who still happens to visit the wiki a happy summer. I personally hope the wiki doesn't die out and hope that with summer we can see some faces we haven't seen on here but its always understandable with life and all. Well I'll end off with saying hope ya'll have a good one!

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  • ThatBloodyMuggle

    Taken Models List

    January 22, 2016 by ThatBloodyMuggle

    Hello! I decided to take the opportunity of having no life to create a taken models list for this wiki :D I figured it would make things easier for other users as well as myself. There are a few characters whose models I couldn't find no matter how hard I looked. If you all could check out the list and make sure all of your character are listed, that would be great! Feel free to add anyone I missed. I hope this helps! :)

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  • Squall97


    December 23, 2015 by Squall97

    Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakha, Joyous Kwanzaa or whatever it is you celebrate this year. And Since a I didn't post anything on thanksgiving I figured I'd say I am thankful for making online friends through this site like Roongtaanjali, Mira, Jordyn and Kelly. Happy new years everyone!

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  • Squall97


    August 25, 2015 by Squall97

    Just wanted to tell everyone to have a good school year! Also I hope everyone who's joining a sport makes it and hope you all do great in your classes!

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  • Demigodwithattitude


    June 18, 2015 by Demigodwithattitude

    Ok, so this my first blog post. I hope it doesn't stink like moldy socks. Anyway if you are reading this, you are officially awesome! Congrats! Well anyway, if you are bored and just don't have anything to do, I have three characters:

    • Alison Simmions
    • Katie Ruema
    • Amelia Furough

    You can start a role play with them if you'd like :) Well, I just wanted to tell you that I will be fan fictioning about the beginnings of my characters in my blogs, so if you like books, you should read it! If you read this please message down in the comments, I will be happy to read them all, good, bad, or in-between. Hope you will come and read my fan fiction later, Bye!!

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  • OnlyAthena

    Jade Christou

    May 19, 2015 by OnlyAthena
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  • Green demigod


    April 4, 2015 by Green demigod


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  • JordynPallas


    December 22, 2014 by JordynPallas

    Hello Everyone!!

    So, as I'm sure you've all noticed, I have been inactive, for a much too long of time. After the summer camp that I went to life got really busy with school and I figured I had to cut some things out of my schedule. Unfortunately, roleplaying was one of them. It was really hard for me not to be able to roleplay every day, I made great friends with you guys and had some fun moments inside and out of roleplaying. At first I would still check on the different wikis and see how life was going on without me. I wasn't sure if you guys really missed me, but eventually I started seeing some things and realized that you guys did and I had become a part of this community. I still wasn't sure if I'd have time to roleplay, but I missed…

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Okay, so I made another one of these a while ago, and you can find it here. I have decided to make a new one, because, why not! :)

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  • JordynPallas

    Here you go!!!!! :D


    CHAPTER ten


    Cadence’s tour was easier than mine had been last year. Since mine had been during the middle of the day there were always tons of people coming up to talk to Brooke, the demigod giving me the tour and the head counselor of the Athena Cabin, and to meet me. But Cadence had been lucky enough to have her tour early in the morning, when everyone else was still asleep. It was just me, her, and group of kids from the Hephaestus cabin, but they were all working in the forge, so it felt like the camp was deserted, which was rare.

    Once the tour was finished it was time for breakfast. I wasn’t actually that hungry, I had snatched a chocolate chip granola bar off the counter as I was dashing out of my house, and h…

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Okay. So, this is a Torckison story, which takes place during the whole Icarus preparation thing. I've become overobsessed with them, and the other characters in this story, too.

    Another thing. The whole story is narrated in third person limited, focusing mainly on Tori Gentry's POV.

    Enjoy. It took me three or something hours.

    Tori wanted to walk. But she knew that would never, ever, happen.

    She was paralyzed chest down, and it was a permanent paralysis. She was stuck in a chair with wheels, for as long as she was alive. Was it worth living if she couldn't walk?

    If could use her legs, she'd be tiptoeing right now.

    Tori was deep in the North Woods of Camp Half-Blood, following the trail of Zephyros Creek. The setting sun was her only light, but at…

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  • CadenceAllegory

    Here's Chapter Nine (Don't know why I couldn't get it formatted right.)


    I don’t know what I had been expecting. Maybe a falling-off-the-post wooden sign saying “Welcome to Camp Whatever” or something like that, but definitely not a camp like this. With the sun just barely poking over the tops of the trees to the east, the tops of buildings were lit up with ribbons of sunlight. From my post on top of the hill, I could see the entire camp.

    “See that over there?” Jordyn said, pointing to a U-shaped cluster of buildings.

    “Yeah, what is it?”

    “Your new home-away-from-home.” Then she scampered down the side of the hill like a mountain goat.

    The very first building we came across was an…

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  • CadenceAllegory

    Here's chapters 7&8. 




    We ran down our street, passing houses down until we came to mine.  I was wide awake, despite the moon hanging overhead and the stars twinkling above.  Jordyn threw open the front door and ran inside, yelling for my mom.  My mother was sitting at the kitchen table, probably up late working, but when Jordyn burst in, she stood up quickly, almost knocking her laptop off the table.

    “What is it?! What happened!?” she asked anxiously, looking nervously at the sword still in Jordyn’s hand.  Just then I came in the door, breathing heavily after running so fast.. She relaxed slightly when she saw me.

    “Empousa.. Camp Half-Blood. Have to. Now!” Jordyn said, between breaths.

    My mother seemed to understand, but s…

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  • CadenceAllegory

    Hope you like this. It's chapters 5 and 6, continuing the story JordynPallas has been posting.




    After a really long walk outside, I finally got it.  Apparently, everything they taught you about ancient Greek mythology was real, including the whole gods being immortal part, which pretty much meant that no matter what, they would always be around to annoy the human race.  However, sometimes these Olympians had kids with human-beings, and the results were demigods, which Jordyn and (through a lot of reasoning and debate) I were.. Jordyn was the daughter of Athena, but we didn’t know who my dad was, only that he was a god. (Which explained the whole not dead part)  

    The reason Jordyn was so surprised that I could see the dragon …

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Aelia Bliss. Girlfriend of the time-traveling guy, and the most idiotic camper in the world.

    I could make a list of the reasons I hate her, but my biggest reason is this.

    She is the cousin of the person who betrayed me and broke my heart. Matthew Sebastian Bliss.

    About 3 years ago, I lived in Miami, I was a huge tomboy. My hair was straight and I always wore sweats, and yes, I had glasses, but I don’t wear them anymore. Ever

    I had this big group of friends, and we talked a lot about...anything. Now that I'm older, I realize I had nothing in common with them, except for sports. There was Sean, Miranda, Jazz, Chirstine, Coby, me, and Matt. 

    Okay, I once got mad at Coby and lost my temper, but we made up. Jazz stuck through me no matter what, and M…

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  • Miramc22

    Aelia Bliss- Short Story

    December 19, 2013 by Miramc22

    A note from the lovely me.

    This story takes place on the day that it was written, December 18, 2013. Don't ask me how Aelia got outside of Camp Jupiter, because idk.

    Okay then, continue reading.

    The tombstone was blurred in my vision. I wiped the tears frustratedly away out of my eyes with the back of my hands and let out another strange noise that probably sounded like dying. I carefully read the words like they would slip away if I didn't read carefully: but oh gods, dyslexia, don't fail me now.

    Karah Skylar Bliss

    BORN NOVEMBER 18, 1964

    DIED DECEMBER 18, 2009



    I was looking at my dead mother's grave.

    Looking at it was surreal. My mother died today four years ago. Four years ago exactly. …

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  • JordynPallas

    Okay, just a warning, chapter four is still very rough and choppy, so if you have any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated.




    My daydreams of swimming in the Freeman River were whisked out of my head as suddenly as if they had never been there. Standing before me was a monster, a real, proper monster, like it had been taken out of my nightmares and into the world. It hadn’t noticed I was there until I had screamed, but now it had its gigantic yellow eyes fixed on me. It lifted a giant wing, at least I think it was a wing, high into the air, and swiped down toward me. I had just enough common sense to get out of its way. I leapt away just as the lethal-looking claws scraped long trenches into the sidewalk. I was sure…

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  • JordynPallas

    This is some fanfiction that my friend, CadenceAllegory, and I wrote. Most of our current characters are based off of characters in this story, but they've been changed slightly to better fit into the wiki. We appreciate constructive critisism and any helpful suggestions. None of this is quite final, but we decided to see what the wiki thought about our story. (The names at the beginning of the chapter signify whose point of view it is in.)


    Chapter One


    I was ecstatic.  The school year was almost over.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate school, but I just like summer better.  No more homework or tests, and definitely no more school bullies.  There was only one more day to hunker down and barrel through before a summer of sun and relaxa…

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  • JordynPallas

    Quest Idea

    December 15, 2013 by JordynPallas

    This is just an idea that I had for a quest. What do you think?


    • ​Questers= Person who recieves the prophecy, their half-sibling, and their enemy
    • Goal= Retrieve the sword of Peleus (stolen by Eris, goddess of Strife, who lives in some secret caves, within Mount Rushmore, but they don't know that)
    • Prophecy=

    Siblings and the enemies must unite

    To rescue the undefeatable

    Go to the center and meet with Strife

    Within the heart of the immovable

    Feel free to change anything to better fit with the wiki, or if you have a good suggestion/idea for this quest. 

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Hi everyone. :D

    I'm bored, so I made this. It's my formal opinions of everyone's best characters. These are just my favorites. That doesn't mean I don't like the rest of them.

    Winnie is my favorite character of Mira's because she is a really unique character. Her back-story is actually very interesting, and the idea that Nemesis took away her voice and her memory of the attack just because she was disappointed that she wasn't anything like her mother makes me hate Nemesis. Poor Winnie. :( I haven't sketched her out yet, but I bet it'll be lots of fun when I do.

    When you think of Aphrodite, you think of love and beauty. You don't think of France, or that French is the language of love. I never expected there to be a child of Aphrodite who's nat…

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  • Noahm450

    Shipping Survey

    November 23, 2013 by Noahm450

    Well I'm really bored and I just found out that I can't see Catching Fire this weekend :( But anyway....I felt like making this.


    Okay well that is it. Please vote and then put who you voted for in the comments :) Yay shipping!!

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Well, I decided to make this, because I have only two hours until my parents drag me off the computer, and also, just because. :D

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Jack bangs on the door of Cabin 3."Tori! We need to talk!"

    One of Tori's half-siblings, Jake Barnikle, answers it. "Uh, Tori isn't here right now. Whydaya need to see her?"

    "We need to talk about...something." Jack puts it like that. "Where is she?"

    "Library." Jake adjusts his suit. "So, how do I look?"

    "What's the occasion?" Jack folds his arms.

    "Going on a date with my girlfriend." Jake smirks.

    "Lucky. I'm single, and the girl I'm crushing on doesn't trust me-" Jack stops. No telling strangers personal info, Jack.

    "Don't worry, bro. You'll get her." Jake puts an arm on Jack's shoulder, then whispers. "Go for the flowers."

    "I'll keep that in mind." Jack says as he rushes off to the library.

    "Hey, Jack!" Tori waves to him as soon as he enters the l…

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  • MC Potions

    Diary of a Hades kid

    October 24, 2013 by MC Potions

    Steven felt.. Alone. He had been taken over by a spirit from Tartarus who wouldn't give his name, taken prisoner in his own mind, and his own girlfriend had given up on him. By trapped in his own mind he meant he was literally trapped in his own mind. He could feel, he could see, he could think, and he could speak. The thought that kept him going was the thought of Alex, his girlfriend, back at Camp. He would make it back to her, or if he couldn't, he'd just delay this.. demon... for as long as he could. For now though, he could only watch as the demon made his plans to attack Camp Half-Blood.

    He had recently summoned an undead army of Greece's enemies. The ordeal of summoning the warriors alone should have killed Steven, but this demon was k…

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Yep! After weeks of waiting, I finally decided to make a part 2! Sorry about the wait. :(

    Note: This was before Gideon got arrested.

    Part 2: Percy

    The tent looked sloppy, but at least Percy actually had the strength to set up a tent.

    He and Annabeth had set up a camp. It looked pretty good, but Percy was convinced they'd picked the wrong place.

    They'd set their camp up next to a giant blue tent with a star on top of it, and every 30 minutes, some fat kid with big hair sang at the top of his lungs, and it. Was. Annoying. Percy had already tried to get some rest, but just as he was about to drift off, he'd heard that idiotic kid schreech about how amazing he was, or something about Mac and Cheese. He couldn't tell.

    Annabeth was lucky. She had earbud…

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  • MermaidatHeart

    Hi, everyone! I’ve always wanted a Gravity Falls crossover with Heroes of Olympus, so, this is a little somethin’ I’ve been working on!

    Part 1: Annabeth


    Annabeth's life stunk.


    She raced through the woods, her blonde hair flying through her face. She had no idea where she was anymore, and she wanted to set camp and pass out.


    Unfourtunatley, she couldn't. She was on a quest. Again.


    This time, she had to find two young demigods. She had no idea what they looked like, where they lived, or even if they were still alive. All she knew was she had to go to a town in Oregon called Gravity Falls to locate them.  


    “Annabeth, wait up...” A few miles behind her, her boyfriend was trying to keep up with her. He stopped, panting loudly and obnoxiously. “W…

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