Brandon Webster is a 16-year-old son of Apollo. His roleplayer is ThatBloodyMuggle.

Brandon Webster
General Information
Full Name Brandon David Webster
DOB November 28, 1999
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Gabriela Webster
Weapon(s) Bow and arrow
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Gender Male
Height 6'
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names N/A
Years at Camp 4
Fatal Flaw Loyalty

Roleplayer ThatBloodyMuggle


Brandon is selfless, creative, and intelligent. He is widely known around camp for his geniusness when it comes to piano. As a son of Apollo, Brandon can play pretty much every intrument he can get his hands on although piano is his best. He is particularly good at piano and although he always denies it, is the best piano player and composer of all Apollo children at Camp. Along with his talent, Brandon can also be sensitive. He will do anything and everything for his friends and family. He believes that they come first: even before himself. Brandon's fatal flaw is loyalty. He tries to keep everyone from harm, no matter the cost. Although this makes him a great friend, he tends to worry about others more than he should rather than worrying about himself.

Brandon piano piece - Idyllwild competition01:25

Brandon piano piece - Idyllwild competition

Early LifeEdit

Brandon Webster was born on November 28, 1999 to Gabriela Webster and Apollo, the god of music, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


Brandon has dark, brown hair and green eyes. He is quite tall and has an athletic build.

Brandon's model is David Lambert.


  • none yet


  • none yet


  • Brandon is amazing at piano
  • Brandon aspires to be a famous composer
  • Brandon can play every instrument
  • Brandon is a good singer
  • Brandon is talented with a bow and arrows


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