Brent Miller is the 16 year old son of Nemisis and a camper at Camp Half Blood. His roleplayer is MC_Potions


Brent grew up in an orphanage in Panama City, Florida since a very young age. He caused all kinds of trouble at his orphanage and could never keep a foster family. The workers and kids gave him the nickname "Discord." Brent knew he was special, and knew he had a knack for causing chaos. He developed a love for music and became a DJ, this is where his powers are the strongest. Just when the foster home was about to kick him out, Clover Greenwood and Lilly Bushes came disguised as a couple who wanted to adopt. They "adopted" Brent and took him to CHB. He was claimed by Nemisis as soon as he walked across the boundary. Nemisis later appeared to him and told him he was her most powerful child. Brent was happy to finally meet his mother and even happier to get his powers. Nemisis gifted him with a magic mixboard and vanished into thin air. Brent uses his powers for his own enjoyment and never to truly hurt anyone.

Brent's weaknesses is his cocky attitude and the fact that he can take nothing seriously.

Early LifeEdit

As mentioned above Brent grew up in a foster home. His dad died in a strange accident and Nemisis left when he right after. Brent never knew either of them. He made a little money for himself DJing at parties. All of the parties he would DJ would turn into chaos due to his powers so he named himself DJ Discord. He destroyed two of his foster familes houses and a Pizza Hut. 


Brent is 1/2 Native American and 1/2 white. He has medium length brown hair and has one blue and one green eye. He is 6'0 and pretty skinny. He has some facial hair along his neck. 



He hates no one, but trolls all equally.


  • Brent can cause extreme chaos
  • He can change reality with a snap of his fingers. This only works for a few hours at a time.
  • He uses a bow and arrow as his main weapon.
  • He is the most powerful child of Nemisis to date
  • He can teleport


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