This is Dionysus' Cabin, also known as Cabin 12. This page will contain all Children of Dionysus and powers and abilities they may possess.


  1. Ariel Adam (Counselor)
  2. Kitty Derrell (Co-Counselor)
  3. Addison Garza
  4. Sam Warren
  5. Kylie Edgerton
  6. Gemma Tate


  • All Children of Dionysus are usually grumpy.
  • Most Children of Dionysus, even though they are underage, can drink and create wine.
  • Some Children of Dionysus can create grapes and vines.
  • All Children of Dionysus can make beverages appear out of thin air.
  • All Children of Dionysus have a love for theater.
  • Special of Dionysus can cure madness or make people go insane.

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