Hades' Cabin

This is Hades' Cabin, also known as Cabin 13. This cabin houses all of Hades' Children. You can find the children of Hades and the powers they may have.


  1. Abigail Kurtice (counselor)
  2. Sophia Cantin (co-counselor)
  3. Victoria Mace (Hunter)
  4. Steven Kirkland
  5. Kali Jones
  6. Jenna Willson (Hunter)
  7. Laura Becknod
  8. Nico di Angelo
  9. Zia Andrews
  10. Hannah Masterson
  11. Hailey Masterson
  12. Destiny Umbra
  13. Miette Beaumont
  14. Jack Keller
  15. Benjamin King
  16. Charlie King


  • Children of Hades can visit the Underworld.
  • Special children of Hades can see spirits and ghosts.
  • Very few children of Hades can resurrect precious jewles and stones.
  • Very few children of Hades can talk to deceased people.
  • Special children of Hades can summon spirits and ghosts of the deceased.

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