Poseidon's Cabin

This is Poseidon's Cabin, also known as Cabin 3. This has all of Poseidon's children, and the powers they may own.


  1. Miranda Marino (counselor)
  2. Percy Jackson (co-counselor)
  3. Shields Lone
  4. Tyson
  5. Devon Marino
  6. Alex Berry
  7. Nixie Dawson
  8. Samantha Hart
  9. Cammie Hart
  10. India Zaccarin
  11. Macy Lone
  12. Tori Gentry
  13. Brandon Wood
  14. Aimee Stossel
  15. Kora Fihn
  16. Jake Barnikle
  17. Taylor Reed
  18. Amanda Viviana
  19. Logan Harrison
  20. Max Harrison
  21. Connor Hemmingway
  22. Issac Shimizu
  23. Ashley Evans
  24. Malone Telchi
  25. Mia Valenski
  26. Jones Thatch
  27. Layne Allerton


  • Special children of Poseidon can breathe underwater.
  • Some children of Poseidon are the fastest swimmers in the world.
  • Very few children of Poseidon can see small pieces of the future.
  • Most Poseidon children are very powerful because they have a powerful father.

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