Athena's Cabin

Athena's Cabin, also known as Cabin 6, is where Children of Athena live. You can see all Children of Athena here and their powers and abilities.


  1. Ryan Slate (counselor)
  2. Steven Dow (co-counselor)
  3. Annabeth Chase (former counselor)
  4. Summer Burke
  5. Chloë Bradley
  6. Carter Bradley
  7. Camryn Turner
  8. Scarlet Samson
  9. Wren Forest
  10. Thaylene Markus
  11. Brooke Markus
  12. David Rosenow
  13. Aurora Lane
  14. Quinn Foster
  15. Delaney Harper
  16. Tyler Williams
  17. Melody Walsh
  18. Melissa Penna
  19. Lois Allen
  20. Pepper Block
  21. Jordyn Pallas
  22. Amelia Miser
  23. Kendall Solitta (Hunter)
  24. Aria Tallyn
  25. Gregory Whiteman
  26. Vanessa Granista
  27. Caroline Weasely
  28. Lilyelle Johanson
  29. Jessica Hayes
  30. Lynne Lockwood
  31. Rose Gallagher
  32. Alison Simmions


  • Some Athena children have remarkable memories.
  • All Athena children are extremely intelligent.
  • Most Athena children make great leaders.
  • All Athena children are strong in battle.
  • All Athena children are calm and have their eyes toward the prize.
  • All children of Athena have their own Daedalus electronics.

Magical ItemsEdit

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