Cadence Allegory
Cadence model
General Information
Full Name Cadence Allegory
DOB October 30, 1999
Age 14
Biographical Information
Birthplace Hermitt Town, Michigan
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Astrid Allegory
Weapon(s) a rock (so far)
Physical Information
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Gender F
Height 4'11"
Other Information
Fatal Flaw indecisiveness

Roleplayer CadenceAllegory

Cadence Allegory is a 14-year old daughter of Apollo. Her roleplayer is CadenceAllegory.


Cadence was born in Hermitt Town to Astrid Allegory and Apollo. Astrid met Apollo at a poetry convention in New York City. Apollo convinced Astrid to move to the small, remote town of Hermitt Town before Cadence was born, hoping that a secluded life would protect both Astrid and Cadence. When Cadence was 13, she moved to SanBoni City, where she was later attacked by an Empousa but saved by Jordyn Pallas, who brought her to Camp Half-Blood.

Early LifeEdit

Cadence grew up in Hermitt Town and calls it her home. Apollo had wanted Astrid to move to Hermitt Town, a remote town in Michigan, in the hopes that they would be overlooked by monsters. Her mother, Astrid gave up her career as a distinguished artist, poet, writer, and newspaper journalist to move to Hermitt Town to care for Cadence.  She lived there safely, not knowing she was a demigod. When Cadence was 13, her mother thought Apollo had forgotten them and moved to SanBoni City, where her mother could resume her writing. The city was too busy for Cadence, who spent a year there before being attacked by an empousa and leaving for Camp Half-Blood with Jordyn Pallas and Sean the satyr.


Cadence has blonde hair and blue eyes. She almost always has a tan, as she prefers to be outdoors. She mostly wears jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops, but loves to dress up on occasion.



none yet


  • fights with whatever she can find
  • can control sunlight
  • captivating singing voice (like charm speak, but not as powerful)


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