Callista Doyle
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General Information
Full Name Callista Ella Doyle
DOB July 13, 1996
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Key West, Florida
Godly Parent Nike
Mortal Parent Dagger, στρατηγική
Physical Information
Other Information
Callista Doyle is a 17-year-old Daughter of Nike. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Callista "Chess" Ella Doyle was born on July 13. She was born to Nike, the goddess of victory and Edwin Doyle, a doctor at a local hospital. Chess was always very intelligent as she was growing up. One day when she was three, she got into her father's glass chess set. She knew exactly how to set up the board by instinct and she started to play by herself. Her dad found her and thought that it was adorable. He decided to play her and Chess actually beat him. He was amazed at this and played chess with her every day from then on. He discovered that she was a chess prodigy and gave her the nickname "Chess." Chess won the World Chess Championship every single year until Clover Greenwood came to her while she was in chess club at school. Chess was very confused at what was happening. Clover explained everything to her and led her to Camp Half-Blood. They were attacked by a hellhound on Half-Blood Hill, but they ran safely into the Camp boundaries before anyhing bad could happen. She was claimed by Nike that night at the Campfire.

Early LifeEdit

Chess has been playing chess since she was 3. She has never lost a game and never will because her mother is the goddess of victory. There was not a day when she didn't play chess. She collected deluxe and special edition chess boards. She ended up having 267 different chess games. People always made fun of her because she was obsessed with chess and they thought that chess was a stupid game. Chess was bullied a lot as she was growing up. When she was taken to Camp Half-Blood, Chess was claimed by Nike, and she had recieved a dagger from her.


Chess as pretty tanned skin and beautiful brown eyes. She has brown hair so dark that it is considered black. She is very skinny because she sometimes plays sports.


  • None yet!


  • None yet!


  • Chess is a chess prodigy.
  • Chess can grow Nike wings and fly.
  • Chess has never lost a chess game.
  • Chess uses will never lose a game.
  • Chess is a sports prodigy.


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