Calub Cris
General Information
Full Name Calub Darien Cris
DOB 04/14/97
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Des Moines, IA
Godly Parent Hephaestus
Mortal Parent Diana Cris
Weapon(s) War Axe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 5'09
Other Information
Years at Camp 2
Fatal Flaw Too trustworthy, Prideful

Roleplayer Squall97

Biography Edit

Calub was born to Hephaestus and Diana Cris, a mechanic. He was raised in her shop as if it was a second home. He learned how to use tools and make almost anything out of household items. When he turned 14 a Satyr found him and brought him to Camp-Half Blood.

Early Life Edit

He was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at a young age and learned how to work with it too help himself out in school.

Appearance Edit

He looks a little older than he is with brown hair and blue eyes.

Alliances Edit

None yet

Enemies Edit

None yet

Powers/Abilities/Weapons Edit

  • Calub can build anything in a short amount of time.
  • Calub is excellent with crafting.
  • Calub is very creative.
  • Calub has ADHD, like most Hephaestus children.
  • Calub has a magical toolkit given to him by Hephaestus, which can produce anything that he needs for building.


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