Carla Knight is a seventeen year old daughter of Hermes.  
Alia Bhatt at the DVD launch of 'Highway' (cropped)

Biography Edit

Carla was born on 10 April 1997 to Rachel Knight and Hermes. Rachel was the owner of a management firm but  loved travelling. She met Hermes when she was in France on a road trip through Europe. Hermes decided to accompany her and soon they fell in love. However, Rachel never saw Hermes again after she returned to New York. 

Carla was always very mischievous and had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at five. However, her problem is that she is extremely stubborn. On her sixteenth birthday, she left home to make a life for herself and reached Camp. She keeps in touch with her mother and although Rachel is disappointed that Carla did not start a great company or something, she is happy for Carla.

Early LifeEdit

From a young age Carla was mischievious and loved travelling. She has a sketchbook full of the places she wantsto visit. She was always bubbly and happy and a typical New York girl. She learnt shooting when she was ten. She has always been extremely pretty.





Powers or AbilitiesEdit

Carla is a good shooter and guns are her main weapon.

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