Caroline Weasely is a fourteen year old daughter of Athena.



Carolina was born in Manhattam, NYC. Her father was a professer and Athena and he were in a relaionship before Care was born. Athena left before she was born and soon Care turned up on her father's doorstep. Her father loved her a lot and made her life very enjoyable. She always was happy child even with dylexia and ADHD but her father made her study very hard.

On her fourteenth birthday a satyr came and took her to Camp Half-Blood. She stills talks to her father and friends though. They think that she is studing in a school far away.

Early LifeEdit

She lived in Manhattan with her father before a satyr brought her to Camp.

Power/ AbilitiesEdit

She has a sharp tongue.

She is a good actress and makes awesome plans.

She has a good memory when she wants to.

Her weapon is a sword.

She is very quick.

She hates reading books for enjoyment.

She wants to be a doctor and an actress when she grows up.


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