Carolyn Wheaton
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General Information
Full Name Carolyn Lindsay Wheaton
DOB August 14, 1998
Age 15
Biographical Information
Birthplace Cario, Egypt
Godly Parent Hecate
Mortal Parent Dagger, κακό


Physical Information
Other Information
Carolyn Wheaton is a 15-year-old daughter of Hecate. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Carolyn "Caro" Lindsay Wheaton was born on August 14. From that day on, she was a troublemaker She was born to Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, and Gabriel Wheaton, a professional conman who ran his own tourist trap in Egypt. Hecate came one day as a tourist, but none of his tourist traps impressed her. He vowed to someday impress her. They eventually got married after Hecate continued to return. They had a beautiful baby girl named Carolyn. Hecate nicknamed her Caro because it sounded like the city she was born in, Cario. On the day that Caro was born, she accidentaly set the hospital up in flames using a spell, which killed her father. Her father saved Caro by tossing her out an open window, where she landed in someone's laundry basket. Hecate says that Gabriel impressed her that day when he saved Caro's life. When people found Caro in a laundry basket, they took her in and she grew up with them. She had serious ADHD so it was barely controllable. She also had serious dyslexia to the point where she got headaches after she tried to read. People said that there was no help for her condition but she was introduced to a new language, Greek. She could understand everything perfectly and she did all of her schoolwork in Greek.

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