Relationship Information
Between Chance Edy

Mickey Starr

Status Dating
Roleplayers Miramc22


Chickey (Ch/ance and M/ickey) is the romantic pairing of Chance Edy and Mickey Starr. They have been dating since they were 13 years old.


Mickey's Opinion of ChanceEdit

Mickey thinks the world of Chance and would never, ever think of letting him go. Mickey has met guys in the past, but had never felt the same with them. Nkt like how she felt when she was around Chance. Mickey loves Chance with her whole heart and will always be there for him.

Chance's Opinion of MickeyEdit

Chance had always thought about the concept of true love and how he could eventually find it. He won many girls, but he never noticed the certain spark, but when he met Mickey, he knew that she was the one he had been waiting for. He instantly felt the spark of true love and she felt the same way. He cared about Mickey more than anything and he would never let anything ruin his relationship with her. He is always thinking about Mickey because she is his world. They do everything together and he knows that she feels the same way since they met for the first time when they were thirteen years old.

Fan InterpretationsEdit


  • MermaidatHeart- Cute shipping. Reminds me of Jiper, but it'll do. :)
  • Noahm450- It's like Jiper only Chance isn't as stupid as Jason. I love Ariana Grande <3 
  •  Trixie19- It's okay I guess.


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