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Cody Bennett is a 15-year-old Son of Nike. His roleplayer is Livvylove17.


Cody Clark Bennett was born on November 17 to Nike, the goddess of victory, and Mike Bennett, a famous football player. Mike and Nike fell in love on the day that they met while he was trying to get a sponsoring deal for the Nike shoe company. They soon got married and had Cody, a very handsome baby boy. He was very healthy and strong as a child. He grew up playing all sports and was enrolled into his school as a sports prodigy. One day in fourth grade he met Brett Lewis, whom he became best friends with. They both loved Greek mythology, were dyslexic, and both had ADHD. They also both were missing their moms. Cody and Lewis trusted each other with everything and trusted each other with everything. They grew up in Washington DC and met up together at either the Air and Space Museum or one of the Smithsonians every day after school because Lewis' father worked there. One day they were attacked by a hellhound. A satyr saved them and led them to Camp Half-Blood, where he was claimed by Nike and Lewis was claimed by Iris.

Early LifeEdit

Cody was always more intelligent and calmer than Lewis because he found ways to help control his ADHD. He was very fun and adventrous with Lewis but could sometimes be boring with other people because Lewis was the only person he could be himself with. He loved singing and playing sports. He always won every single game he ever played. Many people called Cody a good luck charm. He was also very intelligent and the polar opposite of Lewis. People sometimes called Cody and Lewis "Lewis and Clark" because Clark was his middle name. One day at the Air and Space Museum after school, Lewis and Cody were attacked by a hellhound. They blamed each other for being magical creatures that could attract it's attention but a real satyr, Clover Greenwood, came and escorted them safely to Camp Half-Blood.


Cody has perfect brown hair and clear blue eyes. He has perfect lips. He attracts the attention of many girls all the time. He is very handsome and strong.



  • None yet!


  • Cody wins at every game he plays.
  • Cody is a sports prodigy.
  • Cody uses a silver sword as his weapon.
  • Cody can grow Nike's wings and fly, like other children of Nike.
  • Cody is very intelligent.


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