Relationship Information
Between Aelia Bliss
David Levin
Status Dating
Roleplayers Miramc22

MC Potions

"Aelia, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"
David asking Aelia out
Daelia (Da/vid and A/elia) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Aelia Bliss and David Levin. The two have begun dating.


  • Both go to Camp Jupiter.
  • Both like each other.
  • Both have a godly father.
  • Both have a mortal mother.
  • Both do not have contact with their mothers.

Aelia's Opinion of DavidEdit

Aelia doesn't understand her feelings towards David, because she had never experienced feelings of happiness, love, or joy before, due to her rough past. Her rough past and her feelings of inferiority made her believe that she wasn't as important as everybody else, so she took her feelings out on the people around her, not showing any weakness and wanting to prove her worth to the people around her, always on the look to do things impressive, which eventually became her life: being absorbed with training to become the best she could be, and then even better. When she was positive that she had ruined everyone's life at Camp Jupiter, she met David, who appeared to not care about her fatal flaws. She acknowledges the feelings she has for him, but she doesn't know how to accept them because it distracts her from becoming the best of the best.

David's Opinion of AeliaEdit

To David, Aelia is someone that keeps him anchored to this current timeline. He had been to many different times and no one had stuck out as much as Aelia. She was, interesting. She made David feel a way he never felt, and she had changed his life.


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