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Dean grew up in a troubled orphanage in New York City. He grew up with major ADHD, so bad to where he litterally could not keep still. If he didnt keep moving, he would freak out and start losing his mind. He struggled through school, until he found out he was superhumanly good at running. It was the only thing he could be completely focused on. He could out-run anyone at blinding speeds. One day, a wind spirit disguised as a track runner from his rival high school challenged Dean to a race. Dean gladly accepted and beat the wind spirit. The spirit congratulated him on his inhuman speed and led him to his master, Zephyrus. Zephyrus was impressed with his speed and gifted him with power to literally run like the wind in the form of a dark blue pair of Converse. This means Dean can turn himself into wind and travel at even faster speeds. Dean inquired why this wind god would gift him. Zephyrus told him of his demigod blood. He told him of Camp Half-Blood, and he transported Dean there. Dean awoke in a daze to find Hermes standing there in a business suit talking on his phone. He excused himself from his call long enough to point at Dean and say "Mine." before walking off yelling at someone over the phone. 

Early LifeEdit

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  • Brown, spiked hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Tall and built
  • Southern accent
  • Incredibly fast
  • Wind scar along his neck
  • Blue Converse which allow him to turn into wind.


  • Zephyrus, god of the west wind


None so far..


  • Incredible speed
  • Can turn into wind
  • Carries a Bronze dagger because a sword isnt quick enough
  • Can pick any lock 


Girls.. You know what to do. I'm going to grab a water..

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