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Desmond is one of the sons of Amanda Summers and Apollo. His roleplayer is MC_Potions.


Demond grew up in downtown Nashville with his brother, Matt, where his mom worked as a cashier at a music shop. His dad came disguised as lead guitarist for a lesser known band. He and Amanda met and soon fell in love, then had Desmond. Desmond grew up as the older brother, constantly watching out for Matt. He always admired his dad and always wanted to become like him. He is the typical guitar kid; in love with music, great singing voice, and a ladies man. He and Matt came to Camp when he was 14.

Early LifeEdit

Desmond grew up with his brother Matt, who is a year younger than him. Desmond took to guitar while Matt took to bass guitar. Both boys were popular in school and made decent grades, they were even in a band together. Soon after, a saytr came disguised as a music scout and took them to camp, telling them along the way that they were demigods. This explained why Desmond could get anyone to do anything, just by speaking in rhyme. They got to camp and were drawn to the late night Campfire sing-a-longs. Desmond choose a bow and arrow as his weapon because he liked the strings on it.


Desmond is 5'9 with spiky, brown hair and blonde-ish facial hair. He's has blue eyes that glow when he speaks in rhyme. He has a deep, country voice.





  • Desmond has a bow and arrow
  • He can heal any wound
  • He can get anyone to do anyone just by speaking in rhyme
  • He is excellent at almost any kind of music and can instantly learn any instrument


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