Duncan Martinez is a 16 years old demigod,son of Athena. His role - player is Ivo1011

Early lifeEdit

Duncan is born in San Diego. His mortal father - George Martinez - is an English teacher in a public school.He learned how to write and read when he was 2 and started reading serious books from 4 years old.He was an exelent student,but all the kids treated him really bad in school beacause his father was his teacher. When he was 11 he moved to New York to live with his aunt Veronica and to study in a school for "trouble kids".He didn't find friends in this school, he was outsider because he was kinda nerd. He stoped calling his father because he was mad to him sending him there. When Duncan was 12 his aunt Veronica told him the truth that he's a demigod. After that she told him to go in Camp Half-Blood. Aunt Veronica promised that she'll never tell to his father that she told Duncan the secret. And his father still thinks that he lives with his aunt but he's actually lives in The Camp from 4 years.

Life in Camp Half-BloodEdit

When Duncan came in the Camp his first friend was Annabeth. The weapon that he choose was a bow called WiseFury. After a few weeks Duncan found a lot of friends in the Camp. His favorite activity there is Greek Language studing. He also really like Capture the Flag and his favorite partner in the games is his half-brother Malcolm . After two years in the Camp Duncan found his

girlfriend - a girl named Mila , daughter of Demeter. They are still togheter.Their Relationship is called Milcan . Every summer Duncan is visiting aunt Veronica.

Abillities and SkillsEdit

Smartness - Duncan is incredibly smart.He really'really loves reading and his favorite                                books are the Hunger Games triology , Harry Potter and Throne of Glass.Edit


Agility - Duncan love training. Running is his favorite way to                     train.That is why he is strong and fit.Edit

Telepathy - In his second year in Camp Half-Blood Duncan found                  that he has the power of Telepathy.He can read minds                  of the people and talk to them in their minds.Edit


- Mila Robertson (girlfriend)

- Percy Jackson ( best friend )

- Leo Valdez ( BFF )

- Piper McLean (good friend , ex-crush )

- Annabeth Chase (half sister )

- Chloe Bradley (half sister)

- Victoria Dean ( friend )

- Kyan Jake Robbinson ( good friend )

- Lynne Lockwood (half sister )

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