Eony Winters is the 7 year old daughter of Iris. Her roleplayer is Demigod Izzy.


Ebony's dad was a weather man. One day he met Iris under a rainbow. They had an affair and on October 19th, Ebony was born to Iris and James Winters. Iris was on Olympus when the child was born so she ordered hpHermes to deliver here straight here for proper care. Little did she know, Iris and her dad met once before and she has an older sister named Cosette Winters.

Early LifeEdit

She grew up here, in Chiron's and Mr. D's care. With the help of her sister Cosette, she had a quite normal childhood. She had some weird adventures and some fun friends, such as Thaylene Markus and Brooke Markus.


Wbony has green eyes, brown hair that goes to her shoulders and of course, as most little kids, shes short. Shes thin but she still got her baby fat.



  • None


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