Emma Hyland is a 13-year-old daughter of Aphrodite. Her roleplayer is lubka321.

Emma Hyland
General Information
Full Name Emma Nicole Hyland
DOB June 15, 2000
Age 14
Biographical Information
Birthplace Sacramento, California
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Mike Hyland
Weapon(s) daggers
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color green
Gender female
Height 5'6"
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names Em
Years at Camp 1
Fatal Flaw loyalty

Roleplayer lubka321


Emma is loyal, sarcastic, and loves experimenting. Although Emma is not a total girly girl like a lot of Aphrodite children, she still loves experimenting with different clothes. Emma dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day.  She always has a comeback for everything, and is very quick about it. She would do anything to protect her dad and her sister, Amelia, though. They mean the world to her, and she loves them with all her heart. She would even risk her life for them. Emma is also a good singer, but she wouldn't depend on it for a career.

Early LifeEdit

Emma grew up with her dad and sister in Sacramento, California; right by the beach. Because of this, she loves to swim and she used to always rollerblade down the pier. Aphrodite left her dad when she was 1 and when her sister was 3. Although her sister is older than her, she has taken the over protective sister role. She tries to get along with the other Aphrodite children (though they have very different personalities from hers), but would still do anything to protect them; her loyalty is a natural instinct. Emma found out she is a demigod when she was 12, so she is still new to Camp Half-blood. She doesn't exactly adore her mother since she practically ignores Emma, but Emma couldn't care less. Emma loves her dad a lot, but she hasn't seen him since she left to Camp, since it is so far away from California.   


Emma has dark brown hair and green eyes. She is also very tall for her age. Emma is always seen wearing completely different outfits everyday, and she always mismatches clothes to see how they look.

Emma's model is Dani Cimorelli :)



  • none yet


  • Emma can charmspeak
  • Emma's main weapons are daggers
  • Emma is very witty
  • Emma is a good singer


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