Evan Conlin
General Information
Full Name Evan Raul Conlin
DOB August 8, 1999
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Ottawa, Canada
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Julianne Conlin
Weapon(s) bow and arrow
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Gender male
Height 6'
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names none
Years at Camp 1
Fatal Flaw loyalty

Roleplayer ThatBloodyMuggle

Evan Conlin is a 16-year-old son of Apollo. His roleplayer is ThatBloodyMuggle.


Evan was born on August 8, 1999 to Greek god, Apollo and Julianne Conlin, a college professor. His mother met Apollo at a concert. They moved fast and quickly fell in love. Only six months after they met, Julianne became pregnant with Evan. Apollo left her and Evan about 3 months after he was born. Julianne knew he had to go as she had found out he was a god, but she was still devastated anyway. She realized that she needed to take care of Evan, so she got a job as a college statistics professor. Because of her job, Evan grew up to be very intelligent just like his mother. He was always musically gifted and can play pretty much any instrument he can get his hands on, but his favorite is his guitar. Evan can be very shy, and has a habit of blushing and stuttering whenever he gets nervous. His fatal flaw is loyalty. He trusts a lot of people too easily which can easily backfire on him.

Early LifeEdit

Evan grew up in Ottawa, Canada with his mom. When he was about 4, his mom's boyfriend, Tom, moved in with them and became the father Evan never had. Evan never had many friends when he was younger. He was socially awkward and would get flustered every time someone would try to talk to him, especially girls. He got bullied a lot for his dyslexia and social awkwardness. He eventually started putting himself down because of the constant teasing that he got from his peers at school. The only place where he felt safe was at home. This made leaving his home to go to Camp Half-Blood extremely hard for him. After a near fatal encounter with a harpy when he was 13 (almost 14), his mom decided it was time to explain everything to him. Evan refused to go to camp at first. Later, he realized that by staying he was putting his mom, her boyfriend, and himself in danger and that he would for once in his life fit in at Camp Half-Blood. He still visits his old home in Ottawa whenever he gets the chance and at times, misses it dearly. Evan was quickly claimed by Apollo once he arrived at camp. It was no wonder he was a child of Apollo as he is an amazing singer, musician, artist, and writer. Although Evan is still a very quiet person, he is much happier at camp because he doesn't get teased anymore for being different.

Evan singing Give Me Love-204:33

Evan singing Give Me Love-2


Evan is quite tall. He has brown hair and eyes and almost always has his guitar at his side.

Evan's model is Shawn Mendes. :)


• none yet


• none yet


• Evan's main weapon is his bow and arrows

• Evan is very strong

• Evan is extremely intelligent

• Evan can play any instrument

• Evan is a very artsy person in general


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