Faith Johnson is the 10 year old daughter of Hebe. Her roleplayer is Demigod Izzy.


Hebe was about in New York. She ran into Sephora one day when she met Greg Johnson. Her and Greg fell in love deeply, and then Hebe left after they had an affair. She gave birth to Faith on Olympus. Hebe gave Faith to Hermes and told her to bring Faith to camp so she can be safe and sound in the care of Chiron and Mr. D.

Early LifeEdit

Faith grew up here with Chiron, who acted like a godly figure until she was claimed at age 6 by her mother Hebe, right infront of the whole camp. She was embaressed, but she was happy to know who her god parent was.


Faith looks very young, considering her mother is Hebe. She has light-dark hair that is very long and blonde looking, sparkling grey eyes and she is tall for her age, at only 10, she is 5'1


  • Alona Johnson(sister)
  • Sweetie Johnson(sister)
  • Jody Johnson(Sister)
  • Gianna Johnson(sister)
  • Sophie Bejta(cousin)
  • Eviva Celaj(cousin)
  • Dulce Dreshaj(cousin)
  • Drita Dreshaj(aunt)
  • Juliet Fajik(Aunt)
  • Mason Jajik(uncle)




  • She has a knife that turns into a iphone


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