Faye Morris is a 14-year-old daughter of Tyche. Her roleplayer is BrunoMarsfan3700.


Faye Felicia Morris was born on September 28, 1999 to Brian Morris, a professional stuntman and choreographer and Tyche, the godess of Luck. Brian met Tyche when he called to her the first time he did a stunt, so he could have luck on his side. Tyche came down to Brian and they fell in love and as Faye. Tyche stayed with them until Faye was 3, and then she left them woth a note telling Brian the adress and name of the protector who would take her there. Faye grew up around Brian's dancing career, which was very successful. Faye loved to dance with her dad, and her favorite class was hip hop. She also inherited her father's loved for stunting. She was very flexible and started to do things like flips off walls. People always said that she would kill herself because it was so dangerous, but she always had luck on her side. She was always testing luck by doing dangerous things, and always pushed it to the limit. She loves to try her luck and see what happens. One day, when Faye was 12, she got attacked by a monster. Luckily, a tree nymph named Ivy came to help her and saved her from the monster. Ivy took Faye back to her father, and explained what had happened. Low and behold Ivy was the name of the protector thatwpuld take Faye to camp. Fye was taken to camp, and she expected to get claimed as soon as she got there. She didn't get claimed until her 13th birthday, where she was claimed at the campfire.

Early LifeEdit

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