Georgia Mendle is a 15-year-old daughter of Hecate at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Georgia Mae Mendle was born on October 13, 1998 to Irving Mendle, a bussiness-man-turned-magician and Hecate, the goddess of magic. Irving's friend and longtime bussiness partner Jason Harper had a baby girl named Delaney who became best-friends with Georgia. Georgia gave Delaney the nick-name "Laney" which only Georgia called her. She was always a little firecracker growing up because she had ADHD and dyslexia. Her sister, Gabby was always trying to calm Georgia down but nothing helped. When Georgia was 10, she got a job dancing on a local tv show with Delaney. Georgia became quite locally famous for it and Georgia loved all of the attention. Georgia also found out that she was gat at rapping and singing. Once a month, Georgia and Delaney would sing on their shows. One day when Georgia was 13 and performing on tv live, a hellhound attacked her and Delaney. A saytr named Clover showed up and saved Georgia, Delaney, and Gabby. When she got to camp Georgia imidiately got claimed by Hecate.

Early LifeEdit

Georgia was always hyper and bouncing off the walls when she was little. Georgia was extremely good at dancing and she loved singing. When she was 10, she landed a spot on a local dancing show where she would be one of the main dancers. Once a month either Georgia, Delaney, or both of them would sing on the show. Georgia was especially talented with rapping skills. When Georgia was 13, she and Delaney were dancing live on their show when two hellhounds attacked. A saytr named Clover came and took Georgia, Delaney, and Georgia's sister Gabby to camp where Georgia got claimed by Hecate the instant Georgia stepped foot into camp.


Georgiais very pretty with long, auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She has fair skin and a small amount of freckles. She is very beautiful.



  • None yet!


  • Georgia is the best dancer at camp.
  • Georgia is an excellent singer.
  • Georgia has a lot of spells at her disposal.
  • Georgia owns a cauldron to make potions and spells.
  • Georgia has a magic wand.
  • Georgia has a pet owl named Circe.


Delaney Harper and Georgia Mendle Dancing00:46

Delaney Harper and Georgia Mendle Dancing

Delaney Harper and Georgia Mendle Singing03:04

Delaney Harper and Georgia Mendle Singing

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