Hailey Masterson
Tormented UK film Premiere Di3wsQlvZ6Xl
General Information
Full Name Hailey Eliza Masterson
DOB August 17, 1997
Age 15 - deceased
Biographical Information
Birthplace New York, New York
Godly Parent Hades
Mortal Parent Dagger, πνεύμα
Physical Information
Other Information
Hailey Masterson is a 15-year-old Daughter of Hades. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Hailey Eliza Masterson was born on August 17 to Francesca Masterson and Hades, the god of the Underworld. She was born as the younger twin sister to Hannah Masterson. Growing up, Hailey was very immaturae and clumsy. Her mother always reminded her that "curiosity killed the cat." Hailey was sometimes jealous that Hannah was liked better by their mother because she was smart and graceful. When Hailey and Hannah were 4, Hades left the three. Francesca became very depressed once Hades left and eventually died from starvation once she refused to eat. This left Hailey and Hannah to live on their own. When they were fifteen, a satyr named Clover Greenwood came to their house and rescued them. They started the journey from Montana to New York. There were a lot of storms during the trip and all three thought that they would not make it. On a stormy night, they finally arrived at the enterance to Camp Half-Blood. They were very happy and they rushed to the enterance. As soon as Hailey stepped foot in the boundaries, she notced that Hannah was being attacked by a Minotaur. Hailey knocked Hannah out of the Minotaur's hands, where the Minotaur threw Hannah into the boundaries, where he took a tree and threw it on top of her. This killed Hailey. She started her journey to the River Styx and made it to Elysium. One day she was returned to Earth as a spirit, or ghost, by Hannah, who elplained that they were claimed by Hades.

Early LifeEdit

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