Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate and control water. It is possessed by several children of Posiedon as well as lake nymphs.

Known PossessorsEdit

Strength of This PowerEdit

  1. Miranda Marino
  2. Percy Jackson-Can bend, heat, freeze, and create water at will. Can also control other liquids.
  3. Shields Lone
  4. Tyson
  5. Devon Marino
  6. Alex Berry
  7. Nixie Dawson
  8. Samantha Hart
  9. Cammie Hart
  10. India Zaccarin
  11. Macy Lone
  12. Tori Gentry- Is able to bend and create water, but takes much energy.
  13. Brandon Wood
  14. Aimee Stossel
  15. Kora Fihn
  16. Jake Barnikle
  17. Taylor Reed
  18. William Furnival- Can control water and other liquids. Can also bend and shape water, but it takes up a lot of energy.
  19. Rayne Opis
  20. Echo Laker
  21. Skyler Reyes- Can control liquids in general, can bend, freeze and create too, but it takes up some energy (Although not that much, considering the fact that Hera is evil and she is a daughter of Zeus)

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