Cadence and Jordyn
Relationship Information
Between Jordyn Pallas

Cadence Allegory

Status Best Friends
Roleplayers JordynPallas


Jadence (Jordyn and Cadence) is the friendship pairing of Jordyn Pallas and Cadence Allegory. The two are best friends, and have known each other since before arriving at camp.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both are 14.
  • Both are female.
  • Both were attacked by an empousa.
  • Both were rescued by a satyr.

Jordyn's Opinion of CadenceEdit

Jordyn hadn't really cared to get to know Cadence when Cadence had first moved into the town. Once they had both been attacked though, Jordyn learned a lot about Cadence and saw how amazing she really was. She realized that they had a lot more in common then anyone would've ever suspected. Cadence soon became Jordyn's best friend at Camp and she was always there when Jordyn needed support.

Cadence's Opinion of JordynEdit

Cadence didn't try to become friends with anyone in school, so she didn't think much of Jordyn until they were attacked by an empousia and brought to camp. Cadence leaned on Jordyn for support when they first came to camp, and soon thought of her as her best friend there. Jordyn often brings common sense into the whimsical ideas Cadence comes up with.


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