Jali (2)
Jali (2)
Relationship Information
Between Jack Keller

Kali Jones

Status Half-Siblings


Roleplayers Miramc22


Jali (2) (Ja/ck and Ka/li) is the friendship pairing of Jack Keller and Kali Jones. The two are half-siblings, and good friends.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both are children of Hades.
  • Both are mythical creatures.
  • Both change forms.
  • Both have blue eyes.

Kali's Opinion of JackEdit

Jack's Opinion of KaliEdit

Jack never met one of his siblings until Kali and he is glad to know he's not the only demigod creature in camp. He respects Kali as a person and is willing to protect her from anything.

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

  • MermaidatHeart-My Jack has been gone from Camp for some time. It's time Kali moved on, and learned to trust someone else.
  • Squall97-It seems like an interesting friendship/Brother-sister bonding thing. Should be fun!


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