Jessica Hayes
General Information
Full Name Jessica Quinn Hayes
DOB March 12, 1997
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Marlton, New Jersey
Godly Parent Athena
Mortal Parent Lily Hayes
Weapon(s) celestial bronze sword
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color black (sometimes dyed redish brown)
Eye Color brown
Gender female
Height 5'2"
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names Jess
Years at Camp 4
Fatal Flaw curiosity

Roleplayer lubka321


Jessica is a 16-year-old daughter of Athena. Her roleplayer is lubka321. Jessica is very smart, artsy, and adventerous. She always wants to know the answers to questions (her fatal flaw is curiosity) and that can get her into trouble sometimes. Jessica is book smart and she loves to read, sing, and write stories. She has an excellent memory, and she remembers almost anything. Jessica is a very good singer, and she plays the piano and drums. She isn't the most athletic person, but she is an exceptionally good fighter with her sword, and Jessica is a good leader.

Me Singing "Liar Liar" Acoustic - My Original Song (Off My New Album, "Find Me") !!04:29

Me Singing "Liar Liar" Acoustic - My Original Song (Off My New Album, "Find Me") !!

Jessica singing her original song

Early LifeEdit

Jessica grew up in Marlton, New Jersey with her single dad. Athena left her when she turned 1. Her dad used to always sing to her when she was little, and she has taken on after him. When she was feeling down or confused, she would sing or write to express her feelings. She loved discovering new things. In school, she would always find easy shortcuts to problems in math, and get in trouble for not doing it the correct way. This made her think she was stupid along with her dyslexia, and she felt as if she wasn't smart at all. Jessica later realized that she was just leading herself into believing that. Jessica was 12 when she found out she was a demigod. She didn't want to leave her dad since they were very close, but she was finally convinced by him that she belongs in Camp Half-Blood. Almost as soon as she arrived, she was claimed by her mom, Athena. Jessica has a good relationship with her mom, and is happy with her life right now. People often mistaken her for a daughter of Apollo since she is a great singer and writer.


Jessica has naturally black hair, but she sometimes dyes it redish brown. She always alternates colors. She also has brown eyes, and is short for her age.

Jessica's model is Christina Grimmie :)


  • none yet


  • none yet


  • Jessica is a good singer and she plays piano and drums
  • Jessica is very smart and she has a good memory
  • Jessica is a good leader
  • Jessica is best at sword fighting


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