Relationship Information
Between Jessica Johnson

Michael Harvey

Status Dating
Roleplayers Miramc22

MC Potions

"I like you for you, and I want to know. Will you go out with me Jess?"
Michael asking Jess out for the first time.
Jessichael (Jessi/ca and Mi/chael) is the romantic pairing of Jessica Johnson and Michael Harvey. They are currently dating and they have been for a year.


  • Both have been on one or more quest.
  • Both are the co-counselors of their cabins.
  • Both are currently on a quest.


March 27, 2013Edit

  • Jess meets Michael for the first time.
  • Michael attempts to ignore her, but her Charmspeak stops him.
  • Michael asks Jess if she would like to join him at the beach, which she accepts.
  • Jess chases Michael to the Beach.
  • Michael goes behind a tree and scares Jess.
  • Michael picks Jess up.
  • Jess has a great time with Michael.
  • Jess hopes Aphrodite or Claire won't ruin her relationship with Michael.
  • Michael's feelings for Jess are natural.
  • Jess wants to earn Michael's feelings for her without charmspeak.
  • Michael becomes aware Jess likes him too.
  • Micheal suggests a night by the fire.

Jess' Opinion of MichaelEdit

Jess always mocked the idea of love before she met Michael. All of her siblings had no problem finding their match, but Jess couldn't be with anyone because there would never be someone that liked her for her and not because she was perfect. As soon as she saw Michael, she knew that he was the guy for her, so when they began dating, she realized that love is real and that she and Michael were the definition of true love. She would do anything for Michael because she cares about him more than anything. She can talk to him about anything and he always wins her over with his great sense of humor and his romance. Even though Michael doesn't think that he is the guy for Jess, she knows that there couldn't be a more perfect match.

Michael's Opinion of JessEdit

To Michael, Jess is his world. He loves her with all of his heart but is too shy to tell her. 

To him, she's the most beautiful thing beautiful. Her multicolored hair reveals a constantly changing eyes. Her eloquent, British voice can sooth angry Minotaurs or make gods bow to her will. She can give Michael her famous smile and he cant help but do whatever she wants. Even though she doesnt exactly show her love all that often, Michael knows she cares about him. 

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

  • Miramc22- Okay yay Jessichael is my OTP OTP (Like honest, number one OTP). I like this ship because Michael and Jess are the perfect couple that everybody wants. So yay. JESSICHAEL FOREVER
  • MermaidatHeart- Yippee. Fun ship. Lol but anyways I love both the models, and I will proabably make a fanfiction out of it. :D
  • Noahm450- Good but I think we can bring it to the next notch.
  • Trixie19- Yep I agree with Miramc22!!!
  • MC Potions- I agree with Noah. Jess doesnt show much affection.
  • LivvyLove17- I think that Noah and Landon are right. This is a cute ship, but sometimes it gets a little teensy bit boring. They're still okay I guess.


  1. I Think About You by Ross Lynch
  2. Little Things by One Direction
  3. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
  4. E.T by Katy Perry
  5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri


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