Jordyn Pallas
Mallory-everton (2)
General Information
Full Name Jordyn Atalanta Pallas
DOB June 5th, 1999
Age 15
Biographical Information
Birthplace Sanboni City, New York
Godly Parent Athena
Mortal Parent Christopher Pallas
Weapon(s) Sword: Σοφία
Physical Information
Hair Color Light blond
Eye Color Blue/Gray
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing
Other Names Jord
Fatal Flaw Doesn't want to have to rely on anyone

Roleplayer JordynPallas

Jordyn Pallas is a 15 year old daughter of Athena. Her roleplayer is JordynPallas .


Jordyn Atalanta Pallas was born on June 5th, 1999, to Chris Pallas, a world-renowned editor and publisher, and Athena. When Athena had to leave, Chris understood. He had accepted the fact that he couldn't be with the love of his life forever long before Jordyn had ever come to him. Jordyn's personality matched Athena's so closely, that Chris never really missed Athena. Chris tried to make Jordyn's life as normal as possible as she was growing up. Jordyn loved school, but she always sat in the back of the class, prefering to sink into her books than solcialize with the other kids around her. One year, on the last day of school, an empousa attacked and Jordyn and her new friend, Cadence were dragged off to Camp Half-Blood by a boy named Sean. Sean had just moved into the school a month ago, and was secretly a Satyr, which he revealed to Jordyn after getting to camp. Sean disappeared after that and hasn't been heard from at all. Jordyn was claimed by Athena the next day.

Early LifeEdit

Jordyn grew up as any normal mortal would. She lived happily with her dad, loved school, and made a few friends through the years. When she was born, she was given a bracelet by her mother. When twisted, the bronze gem turns into a full length sword.


Jordyn has long light blond hair. She has blueish/grayish eyes, and always wears her bracelet that she has had since she was born. Jordyn also has a long scar on her right leg which she got from an empousa.




  • Always has sword with her
  • Extremely Smart
  • Very good writer
  • Very good startegist


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