Joseph Trinket
General Information
Full Name Joseph Garret Trinket
DOB April 28, 1994
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Portland, Maine
Godly Parent Zeus
Mortal Parent Tara Trinket
Weapon(s) bow and arrow
Species demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color green
Gender male
Height 5'9
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Ilene Germani
Other Names Joe
Years at Camp 4
Fatal Flaw ambition

Roleplayer Noahm450

Joeseph Trinket is a 18 year-old son of Zeus at Camp Halfblood. He is role played by Noahm450.


Joeseph "Joe" Trinket was born April 24, 1994 to Tara Trinket and Zeus the god of the sky. Tara was a very famous actress and she met Zeus one day when she was on a plane to Italy for another one of her shows. Zeus instantly fell in love with her but Tara did not feel the same way. Zeus then got carried away when he asked Aphrodite to send him a love potion, she did and Zeus tricked Tara into drinking it. They then got married and had Joe. A couple days after he was born Zeus could tell the love potion was wearing off so he left Tara because he couldn't bear to tell her the truth. Tara was confused at first but cared for Joe as her own. A couple years later Tara remarried to a mortal man named Broc. They had a mortal daughter named Zoe. The family traveled around the world because of Tara's actress career. Joe loved traveling the world with his family but when he was in the plane he could think more clearly. One day when the family was in New York, Joe ran into Lilly Bushes. Lilly sensed that Joe was a demigod so she took him to camp. Chiron told Joe everything and also notified his family on who he really was. Joe loved camp and made many friends instantly. One day when Joe and his friends Scorpion Callas, and Teddy Baker were out in the woods Zeus claimed Joe. The three then ran to Chiron and told him what had happened.

Early LifeEdit

When Joe was little he never really had a home. Him and his family were always moving around the world and were only at one place for 5 days at a time. This was actually really helpful because it made it harder for monsters to follow Joe around. When his mom and step dad had his little sister Zoe, Joe loved her with all his heart. One day when the family was in New York for one of Tara's performances, Joe ran into Lilly Bushes who took him to camp. At first Joe was very sad that he had to stay away from his family but soon grew to love camp becasue he could call it his home. Joe was in the Hermes cabin for 2 months before his father claimed him. When he found out that his father was Zeus, Joe started training very hard and he is very talented with a bow and arrow for not being a Apollo kid. His arrows can electrocute you when touched. Joe likes to spend his days training, hanging with friends, flirting with cute girls, playing volley ball, and surfing at the beach.

Joe's fatal flaw is ambition. He wants to have power when he really doesn't need it


Joe has nicely cut brown and hair green eyes. He has nice tan skin and is pretty muscular.



  • None yet


  • Joe can summon lightning.
  • Joe can hover 5 feet off the ground.
  • Joe is a excellent archer.
  • Joe fights with a bow and arrow.
  • Joe's arrows can electrocute you.
  • Joe can control the wind.


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