Katie Ruema
General Information
Full Name Katie Marie Ruema
DOB May 22, 1998
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Lyon, France
Godly Parent Hermes
Mortal Parent Josephine Ruema
Weapon(s) sword
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single, Crushing on Logan Harrison
Other Names Kate
Years at Camp 2
Fatal Flaw Inferiority

Roleplayer Demigodwithattitude

Katie Ruema is a 17 year old daughter of Hermes. Her role player is Demigodwithattitude.

Biography Edit

Katie was born in Lyon, France to Josephine Ruema and Hermes. When she was two her mom moved back to Manhattan, New York, which is where she was originally from. She had met Hermes while she was on a world tour to try and settle her "traveling bug" which is how Hermes was attracted to her. Katie grew up pretty normally, she was known to be very mischievous and liked to prank people for the fun of it. She made many friends and enemies in school this way. When she was 15, she was attacked by a hydra and sent to camp by her mom and a satyr, when she arrived she spent most of her time making peoples lives "interesting", which was her word for when she pranked people. She never got caught and was very sneaky.

Early life Edit

Katie grew up in Manhattan, New York. Her mom worked at a office building as a secretary. She was often bounced around from school to school because she played to many pranks and got caught, through experience, she learned how to be sneakier in her pranking.

Appearance Edit

Katie has long, curly red hair and blue eyes. She is skinny and 5'6".

Alliances Edit

Enemies Edit

  • none

Powers/Abilities/Weapons Edit

  • Katie can pickpocket exceedingly well
  • Katie can make traps very well
  • Katie can "throw" her voice to make it sound like she is somewhere else
  • Katie has a sword she got from her dad

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