Relationship Information
Between Kendall Solitta

Lauren Ellwood
Kit Sugg

Status Best Friends
Roleplayers Jordyn Pallas

Noahm450 MermaidatHeart

Kirendall (Ki/t, Lau/ren, and Ken/dall) is the friendship pairing of Kit Sugg, Kendall Solitta, and Lauren Ellwood. The three are best friends, and Hunters of Artemis.


  • All go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • All are female.
  • All are Hunters of Artemis.
  • All use a bow and arrow as their main weapon.
  • All have sworn loyalty to Artemis.
  • All are immortal.

Lauren's Opinion of the GroupEdit

Lauren loves both Kendall and Kit more then anything. They are her best friends and would do anything for them. She thinks the three of them make a excellent team. Lauren is glad that they are immortal so they can't die and is crushed just thinking about them being dead.

Kit's Opinion of the GroupEdit

Kit cares a lot for Lauren and Kendall. She thinks both of them are fierce, independent girls, and couldn't agree more that they are amazing best friends. She knows it's impossible for any of them to die, but she still doesn't want either of them to be hurt in any way without receiving help. Kit will try her hardest to protect Kendall and Lauren, like she does for her younger sister, Chrissy.

Kendall's Opinion of the GroupEdit

Kendall loves Kit and Lauren and she feels a wonderful connection to them that she didn't have with anyone else. She is so glad that they won't  ever die because she couldn't be able to stand it. She feels like Kit and Lauren always understand what she is going through, no matter what it is.


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