Relationship Information
Between Chrissy Sugg

Kit Sugg

Status Sisters


Roleplayers Miramc22


Kissy (Ki/t and Chri/ssy) is the sister/friendship pairing of Chrissy Sugg and Kit Sugg. The two are sisters, and will do whatever it takes to protect the other.


  • Both are demigods.
  • Both are female.
  • Both are children of Apollo and Daniella Sugg.
  • Both have brown eyes.

Chrissy's Opinion of KitEdit

Chrissy cares about Kit more than anything, and she doesn't want to lose Kit like they lost their mother. She was always there for Kit while she was growing up, and Kit was there for her. She looked up to her sister as a role model, and she always wanted to be just like her. When Kit joined the Hunters of Artemis, Chrissy was unhappy at first, because she wouldn't see her sister all the time. She was scared that now that Kit was immortal, and Chrissy grew up and older than Kit, Kit would eventually forget about Chrissy and be closer with the other Hunters. However, she decided that this was what Kit wanted to do, and she respected the choice because she knew that her sister was going to be very happy.

Kit's Opinion of ChrissyEdit

Chrissy is the one thing in life Kit cares about. She will give anything for her sister, including her life and immortality. She thinks her love for Chrissy may link to her fatal flaw: loyalty. Kit always tried to be a role model for her sister, growing up, and she was always there for her when she was hurt, or angy. While they do fight, like normal sisters do, Kit will never stop protecting her sister.

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

MermaidatHeart-Best. Sister ship. Ever. :D

Noahm450- This is such a good sister ship. :)

Miramc22- This is a great sister ship, it's perfect :D


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