Relationship Information
Between Kali Jones

Tori Gentry

Status Friends
Roleplayers Miramc22


Kori (K/ali and T/ori) is the friendship pairing of Tori Gentry and Kali Jones. The two are good friends at the moment.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both are 16.
  • Both are female.
  • Both have a Fatal Flaw of Inferiority.
  • Both make frequent contact with water.
  • Both are close with Jack Morgan.
  • Both are children of the Big Three.
  • Both have a godly father.
  • Both have a mortal mother.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both have blue eyes.

Kali's Opinion of ToriEdit

Kali likes being friends with Tori, and she thinks that she is a really great person. She doesn't really think that Tori being in a wheelchair is a problem, and she admires Tori's perseverance for being in a wheelchair and still one of the best swimmers at Camp Half-Blood. She would love to hang out with Tori more often, and looks forward to when they do, but she doesn't think that Tori should know her secrets because of her obsession with merpeople and what she could do with the information, even though she hates keeping secrets from one of her best friends, and she often feels guilty for keeping secrets from her.

Tori's Opinion of KaliEdit

Tori thinks that Kali is really sweet. Since Tori is in a wheelchair, she think most people find that very strange for a demigod, because demigods use their legs often. She is always there to comfort her, and when she needs advice, Kali is one of the people she asks. She would never guess Kali's secret, as Kali was there when she discovered the mermaid, and she wasn't in her mermaid form, either. She really wants Kali to be with Jack, because Kali is perfect for him, in her opinion. Overall, she's glad Kali doesn't hate her, and hope that her wheelchair doesn't jeopardize their friendship.

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

MermaidatHeart- They're amazing. They should be sisters, they look so much alike. :D

Miramc22- They could be great best friends, we should roleplay the ship more often :) FRIENDSHIPSHIP


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