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Kyan Jake Robbinson is a 13 year old camper at Camp Half Blood. All his friends call him Kyan or Jake. He is a son of Hephaestus. He is roleplay by Trixie19


When Viccy (Kyan's mom) and Hephaestus had Kyan they hated him so they dropped him off at Camp Half Blood. He has no clue weather his parents are still together. He was raised at Camp Half Blood by other campers.

Early LifeEdit

As said above he was raised by other campers.


Kyan has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a toothy girn and lots of freckles. 




  • He has armor that turns him invisible went he wears it.
  • He is great with crafting.
  • He can make anything in a short amout of time.
  • Kyan has a magic tool box that can produce and tool or weapon  that is not magical.
  • Also his weapon is a sword.


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