Relationship Information
Between Kyle Packer

Demi Sanders

Status Best Friends
Roleplayers Miramc22
Kyemi (Ky/le and D/emi) is the friendship pairing of Demi Sanders and Kyle Packer. The two are best friends and have been for a long time.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both character models are from iCarly.
  • Both didn't understand or have much time with their mothers.
  • Both are good friends with Mickey Starr.

Demi's Opinion of KyleEdit

Demi loved being friends with Kyle as soon as she met him, but they had different personalities, and she often thought that she mistreated Kyle often, because she could be very tough and aggressive towards him, but she knows that even though she can sometimes mistreat him, the two care about each other and will do anything for one another.

Kyle's Opinion of DemiEdit


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